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Diane Pies Toby, Ph.D.

5007 Lincoln Ave

Suite 203

Lisle, IL 60532


Education and Work Experience


  • Combined Ph.D in School and Counseling Psychology (University of Pennsylvania, 1987)
  • Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology (University of Pennsylvania, 1980)
  • Pre-doctoral practicum at Neuropsychology Lab, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Clinical Internship as Staff Psychologist at Philadelphia Child Guidance Center
  • Post Doctoral Visiting Externship, Pediatric Neuropsychology (University of Illinois at Chicago, 2008)
  • Illinois License Number: 071.007194 

Work Experience

Private Practice


Solo practice. Pediatric psychology, specializing in neuropsychological evaluations, structural family therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy for children and adolescents with apparent learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral problems, and ADHD. Dr. Toby works as a team with students from kindergarten through graduate school, helping people to embrace their learning disabilities and to advocate for themselves and their families.

School Psychologist/Consultant


Dr. Toby has worked as both a staff psychologist and a consultant in a variety of schools, directly interacting with children and teens, and has first hand experience of traditional special education practices and how schools adapt to assist children who need accommodations. She has worked both in public schools, such as Illinois School District 45 and in non public schools, as a school psychologist at the Colonial Northampton Intermediate Unit in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Staff Psychologist/Clinician


Dr. Toby has many years of experience providing family therapy to children, adolescents, and their families, as well as administering psychological evaluations to those with serious behavior and emotional difficulties. She worked as a staff psychologist at the internationally known Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic in addition to outpatient practices such as DuPage Psychological Associates (Naperville, IL) and Ruth Spodak & Associates (Rockville, MD).

Dr. Toby has also served in administration and teaching roles. She managed and coordinated a crisis team for Parents and Child Cooperative (PACC), assisted with neuropsychological testing and research on children and adolescents at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (now called Clinical Neuropsychology Associates), and taught the summer course “Consultation in Schools and Organizations” as an adjunct professor at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Personal Biography

 I am a clinical psychologist specializing in pediatric and adolescent neuropsychological evaluations. My areas of expertise: learning disabilities, ADHD, emotional and developmental disorders. My ideal clients see me as a compassionate puzzle-solver who can tell them why they are under-achieving, and how to be more successful at school, work, and/or social relationships. I also conduct family and cognitive behavioral therapy with individuals ages 5 to 65. My ideal client has ADHD and wants to learn strategies to help him/her manage emotions, organize possessions, keep appointments, and live productively with their ADHD.

My specialty is the diagnosis and treatment of learning disabilities, emotional and developmental disorders, and ADHD. I collaborate closely with school personnel and other professionals, and work as a team to help my clients achieve success. In my therapy practice, I help people overcome the roadblocks associated with ADHD.

I have a joint doctorate in both school and counseling psychology, and extensive experience working with a wide range of psychological disorders, in clinics, hospitals, and schools. Thus, I am equally adept at collaborating with schools, as well as other clinicians, and parents, as well as teachers.

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. —Henry Ford

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